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"Danger," said Ivor. "Make him feel that he's in danger, that someone is watching him, that he's uneasy. A man who has an uneasy conscience is capable of doing anything stupid and is bound to make a mistake.

"Danger," said Ivor. "Make him feel that he's in danger, that someone is watching him, that he's uneasy. A man who has an uneasy conscience is capable of doing anything stupid and is bound to make a mistake. You know, that's how the police catch criminals. Even the cleverest and most scheming person is bound to make mistakes if he is alarmed by a little thing. That's what I want? Okay, now we can hear your story. Maybe you know something useful. "I'm afraid it has nothing to do with crime." "Tell me about it." Tommy went into so much detail that he knew Evre wouldn't find it too complicated. In fact, Evre got the point of Tommy's trip right away. You mean when Madame is missing? "It's so unlike her usual style." "That's serious." "It's really serious for me." "I can imagine. I've only met my wife once. She's very clear-headed." "If she wants to investigate, she's as quick as a hound." Tommy said. You haven't notified the police? "No." "Why?" "Well, first of all, I really don't want to believe that she's in danger.". Tuppence is always safe, and this time it should be the same. She just saw the shadow of the hare and ran after it. Maybe she can't find the time to contact me. "Well, I hope so, too. You said she was looking for a certain house?"? That's interesting, because according to the many bits and pieces of information we have, it seems to be related to some real estate companies. "A real estate company?" Tommy looked surprised. Yes, there are some ordinary real estate companies scattered in various small cities, which are not far from London. Mr. Akers's company deals with many real estate companies and sometimes handles legal matters for them. Sometimes he's the buyer's lawyer,Concealed Flush Valve, sometimes he's the seller's lawyer, and he uses real estate companies to represent his clients, and sometimes we don't know why, but these deals don't seem to be profitable, you know. "Do you think it might mean something?" I don't know if you remember the shooting at the South Bank in London a few years ago, but it involved an isolated house in the countryside. The gangsters met there, and the house was not noticeable,stainless steel squatting pan, but the stolen goods were stored there. Later, the neighbors gradually became suspicious, not knowing what kind of people were driving all kinds of cars in the middle of the night. Countrymen have always been curious about their neighbors, and the police, of course, went to investigate after the report. Not only did they find stolen goods, but they also caught three people, one of whom was identified. "Oh?"? Does that help you? "It's no use. Those people won't say anything. Anyway, they have the best lawyers to represent them. As a result, they all get out of prison after serving less than a year and a half. They really have a way." "I seem to have read the news that a prisoner, under the guard of two bailiffs, has disappeared in court." Tommy said. Yes, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, everything was very skillfully arranged, and a lot of money was spent on the escape. We believe that the person in charge must have known that the use of a house alone would go wrong over time and provoke the neighbors to gossip, so he managed to rent some houses in many different places for some people with a peaceful appearance, such as a mother and daughter, a widow, or a retired military couple, who would repair the house. Maybe I will find a London decoration company to decorate it, and after a year and a half or so, I will sell the house and go abroad. Everything looks so natural. During their stay, the house may have been put to an improper use, but no one will suspect it, of course, friends come to see them, not often, but occasionally. Maybe one night the middle-aged couple had a wedding anniversary celebration, or maybe the mother had a grown-up party for her daughter. The whole evening was taken away by car. In this way, there were five major robberies in half a year, but the stolen goods could not be found. Because they were hidden in five small country houses in five different places by the gangsters. Dear Tommy, so far, we have only suspected that it is possible, but we are working on it. If the old lady you said gave someone a picture of a house, if the house really had any meaning. And if that's the house that the sister-in-law recognizes and rushes to investigate, and someone doesn't want someone else to investigate that house, you know, of course all this is related. "That's a little too reluctant." "Oh, yes, I agree." But now this is a very reluctant era, anything impossible will happen. 2 Tommy got off his fourth cab of the day a little wearily and looked at his surroundings with admiration. A taxi took him to a small cul-de-sac in Hampstead. The cul-de-sac seems to be a "promotion" of some kind of art. Each house in the lane was very different from the one next to it, and the house at his destination seemed to be mainly a large studio with a skylight, with what seemed to be three small rooms crammed together on one side. The ladder outside the house was painted a vivid green. Tommy pushed open the small door and walked up a path, but he couldn't see the electric bell, so he buckled it like a knocker, and there was no response inside. He waited a few minutes and buckled a little harder. The sudden opening of the door made him almost fall back. At the door stood a woman. At first glance, she was a very ordinary woman, with a big face, two big eyes that seemed unlikely to belong to one color, one green and one brown, and a jungle of hair flying on her noble forehead. She was wearing a purple pullover with some clods on it, and Tang Shu found that the skeleton of her hand that opened the door was really beautiful. "Oh,Stainless Steel Toilet China," her voice was deep and charming. "What's the matter?"? I'm very busy. "Is Boscoven too big?" "Yes, what are you doing?" "My name is Bereford. I wonder if I can talk to you for a moment." I don't know. Seriously, is it necessary? Talk about what? -About the painting? She saw something under Tommy's arm.