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A bullet of autumn water pierced his shoulder directly, the blood hole appeared,

A bullet of autumn water pierced his shoulder directly, the blood hole appeared, the blood gushed out suddenly, at the same time Chu Yun also could not move. Bu Qingyun's eyes and hands were so quick that he didn't give Chu a chance to stop him. The dragon sword in his hand split from left to right. With a crash, a head flew up and rolled down in the pitted ruins. Those eyes are still full of disbelief, as well as the unwillingness and regret hidden in the depths. Chu Yun strength for the peak of knowledge, but died in the middle of knowledge, how can not hate how can not regret? He died a violent death, largely because of his own problems. Shocked from the beginning, then entangled, they are a little anxious, coupled with the back of the attack regardless of defense, giving the other side a good chance. These factors, together with the power of the three-foot sword in Buqingyun's hand, the exquisite footwork, and the strange fingering at the end, led to the result of this fight. Chu Xiangtian's face was slightly surprised, and he naturally saw who the dead man was, thinking of the strength of the Chu family, but died in the hands of this step,touch screen interactive whiteboard, somewhat unbelievable. Soon, however, he came to his senses and said discontentedly, "Did you turn a deaf ear to what I said?" Bu Qingyun looked up and said, "Master Chu, you've come to assassinate me again and again. Can't I just let you kill me?"? How can there be such a reason? "But I told you to stop!" "But I must kill him!" When Chu Xiangtian heard this, his pupils suddenly contracted, and the anger and murder that flashed in his eyes were revealed. Without waiting for him to speak,interactive boards for classrooms, Bu Qingyun asked, "Where is Chu Fei?"? And his sister, where did you take him? "Chu Fei and Piao Piao were caught?" Chu Xiangtian was a little surprised. He frowned slightly and immediately snorted coldly, "Does the third brother really think I don't exist?" "Master Chu, Auntie Chu hasn't appeared yet. Has she met with an accident?" Step by step, the momentum is pressing. Chu Xiangtian snorted coldly, "You are not qualified to interfere in the affairs of the Chu family." Then he left in the air. Bu Qingyun looked at his trembling figure and guessed that Chu Xiangdian was in trouble now! "Go back to the deep house first and wait, I believe Chu Fei will be back soon!" After returning to the deep house, and so on for a full afternoon, did not see the figure of Chu Fei, until night fell, the house door creaked slowly open. "Buqingyun heart a happy, hurriedly to meet the door, a fragrance suddenly came, classroom interactive whiteboard ,digital touch screen board, it is Chu Piaopiao." Piao Piao? Chu Piaopiao's eyes were a little dull and lost. Seeing such a situation, Bu Qingyun once again tightened his heart, and she was the only one who came back, more worried, "What's wrong with Piaopiao?"? Where's your brother? "My brother?" Chu Piaopiao then came to his senses, but suddenly there was a sound of pain, and crystal tears kept falling from his cheeks. What happened to Piao Piao? Bu Qingyun was very anxious in his heart. "What did Chu Xiangdian's despicable guy do to Chu Fei?" "No.." Not brother, but.. "Is it Aunt Chu?" Hearing the three words of Aunt Chu, Chu Piaopiao was even more sad. He fell into Bu Qingyun's arms and burst into tears. Is it really Aunt Chu?! Bu Qingyun frowned and clenched his hands tightly. Holding the shoulders of the woman in his arms, he asked, "What's wrong with Aunt Chu?"? Where is Chu Fei now? Chu Piaopiao cried for a while before he said, "Brother, he.." He's under house arrest! And.. "What happened to Aunt Chu?" "She.." She had her limbs cut off.. "What?!" Step Qingyun smell speech, immediately angry, Chu Xiang Dian unexpectedly so ruthless! He can imagine Chu Fei's mood at this time, the anger at this time! "Chu Xiangdian?"? Chu Xiangdian! I will not let you feel better. Although Bu Qingyun was furious, he was not carried away. He soon calmed down and began to ask about something. Chu Piaopiao sobbed to finish all the process, only to learn that she was out looking for Chu Fei, but just turned out of a few streets, Chu Xiangdian sent someone to capture, and then met Chu Fei in a dark room. Both of them were imprisoned, unable to move, and after a few hours in the invisible place, they saw the door open, and then Chu Fei's mother collapsed and was helped in by four men. Next, it happened that Chu Piaopiao, who was still naive, could not forget something in this life! Right under her nose, Aunt Chu's limbs were cut off one by one! Then the broken limbs were thrown into an iron cage, from which came the roar of the beast! She would never forget such a bloody thing in her life, and those fragments were still in her mind at this time. After hearing this, Bu Qingyun became even more furious and clenched his fists tightly. The more he thought about it, the more angry he became. The volcano was on the verge of erupting! Then he gnashed his teeth and asked, "What about Aunt Chu now?" "Still seems to be enforcing the law …" In the hands of Chu Xiangdian! Chu Piaopiao said that she no longer called Chu Xiangdian as a law enforcement elder at the moment, which shows that she also had a conflict with the Chu family in her heart. Where is the Chujia Law Enforcement Hall? Bu Qingyun's voice was a little hoarse. Brother Bu, what do you want to do? Not allowed! My brother told me at that time, let you leave quickly, the farther the better, never come back! Bu Qingyun shook his head and said, "Piaopiao, just tell me where the law enforcement hall is." Chu Piaopiao's pear blossoms and rain were very pitiful. She pursed her lips and shook her head. "No, I promised my brother." "Piao Piao!" Bu Qingyun Zhengsheng Road, the expression is very serious, "tell me, where is the law enforcement hall?"? Don't you want your brother back? You have to believe me! "Save my brother?" Chu Piaopiao lowered his head and hesitated,interactive whiteboard for schools, and finally nodded, immediately raised his head and said where the Chu family law enforcement hall was. Chapter 31 who uses who? After learning where the law enforcement hall of the Chu family was, Bu Qingyun did not rush to go. It was already late at night. He comforted Chu Piaopiao and went to sleep. He also slowly fell asleep. Welcome players back to the Sky Game. Do you want to get the gift pack today? "Get the charm gift box!" 。