Wolf God (Yue Guan)

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There were only seventeen men in their group of pikemen

There were only seventeen men in their group of pikemen, but twelve men were separated to'protect 'us who had already escaped from danger, and only five'brave' pikemen rushed to the accident site. I saw something was wrong and immediately took Leah's hand and rushed into an alley while they were unprepared, and they showed their real faces and kept chasing all the way. When I threw the bronze spear 75 yards away and shot the two pikemen through the ground, they were more honest. At this point, Helen looked at Jed affectionately and said softly, "Thanks to you, it's easy to get rid of them. Otherwise, it would be very difficult for us to get away in this unfamiliar place." As soon as Jed was looked at by that kind of vision, the heroic spirit suddenly swelled up: "Yes, that must be the affectionate vision, which is written in the book, otherwise how can it make my heart tremble?"? It is really a happy thing to be a hero in a woman's mind. In my pack, when I make great achievements, the she-wolves will only howl around me, unlike Helen, who has a pair of talking eyes! Chapter 15 Wisdom "I don't know what happened to Edgar," Leah said faintly. "When we left, the terrible magician turned the two bronze eagles decorated on the wall into living ones by magic and was pouncing on Edgar. Although Iger had become a third-level fighter,ultrasonic welding transducer, in the case of a close fight between two bronze eagles, it was a bad luck to deal with the magician. "Shall I deal with him?" Jed stood up proudly, indignant tunnel, teeth light claw shadow he saw a lot, the only regret is that now there are not so many younger brothers can use. Men should be a big tree that women can lean on at the critical moment, so that they can wrap a wisp of love around you like a green vine. Jed is going to do it strictly according to the description of the knight novel, because he has not even pursued a she-wolf,ultrasonic molten metal, except to copy the experience of the book, there is no means at all. Just refused Helen's marriage, although the motive is not so pure, but it seems that the effect is quite good, if agreed, the expected income is not so much, look, two beautiful girls are very gentle sitting on his bed. Expected earnings? What does that mean? Jed was stunned, wondering how such a word could suddenly jump out of his mind. No, Jed. There are a lot of people in this world who are not afraid of death. As long as I make a huge profit, I can find a mercenary who is not afraid of death to work for me, even though my opponent is the Lord of a country like the Grand Duke of Norman. Edgar didn't cover our escape with his own life so that I could send another warrior into the jaws of death. If I am not mistaken, the magician is no longer there, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, and the Archduke Norman is spreading the story of the attack on us by the Archduke Butanni and looking for us everywhere. If we go to the door, there will be no chance for us to speak, and you will be killed as a murderer. I am not so easy to deal with, "the Wolf King, who has not yet suffered losses, does not think so.". Helen smiled. "Courage is welcome. There are many great magicians or warriors in the world. Their personal strength is often equal to a small army, but no one has ever been able to build a country with this." Jed thought of his vampire bat friend, the ability of the Warcraft is not inferior to him, is not to flee back to the mountains, can only complain after getting drunk, dare not step into the human society adventure? Maybe Helen was right. Thinking of this, he restrained his madness and asked, "So what is the princess going to do?" Helen frowned and said, "We have a lot of things to do, and they are all very troublesome.". We have to look for Martin, but we don't know where he's been transported, and we can't look for him in a big way, and he's afraid to show up in public, so we have to do it slowly. The second thing is about the Kingdom of Croatia. This is the best time for us to recover Croatia while the Grand Duke of Butanni is still standing and our hearts are not lost. This is why we are so eager to send troops as soon as possible. But now that the Archduke Norman is out of the question, we have to rely on ourselves. Tagore's empire is now brewing a storm of civil strife, one of the reasons is that the empire has never had a woman in power before, and the late emperor had no daughter, so he had to let Princess Tracy be the queen. We can't do the same thing again. If we want to restore our country and build our own army, we must have a leader of our own, a leader who can convince everyone. She looked eagerly at Jed. "Some people are born with leadership talent, and such people can bring people under their command to achieve great things.". Your personal force and your temperament are very suitable, and you are the God chosen by the goddess Daji, with your base of believers, it is even more effective. I hope you will take up this responsibility, and as one of the conditions, if Croatia can be restored, the Dharmic religion will become our national religion. Jed. Thacker was unmoved. He, a cheap God, had no fanatical religious feelings towards the goddess Daji at all. Religious believers in this world have fanatical beliefs, and it is common for them to wage a war for their beliefs. As a high-ranking member of a religion, especially a divine envoy, he devotes his soul to the God he believes in. According to this understanding, Helen believed that seducing his soul with religious interests and promising his body with beauty and wealth would surely enable him to assist himself wholeheartedly, but she did not know that Jed did not care about this condition at all. He was so enthusiastic because of a poor chivalric novel. Do you want to establish your own power and restore the country? Jed searched for the memory of the knight novel and found that the hero in it either relied on his personal force to blow down Nanshan with one punch and kick the North Sea with one foot, or spread the overlord's spirit everywhere. The rich bosses with soldiers worshipped him when they saw him, and easily restored the country. And what about yourself? With the ability of Warcraft, it is no problem to carry out an assassination and make a fake,ultrasonic generator driver, but it is a bit mysterious to use it to build a country. What if we rely on the spirit of Wang Ba? If I really have the spirit of a king, I won't stay here as a goldsmith apprentice. If I really go to the street to send out the king's domineering power, I'm afraid the end will be worse than that unlucky vampire bat demon. fycgsonic.com